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Aviation Art Galleries by Artist and Genre

Aviation Art Galleries by Artist and Genre

Stuart Brown

Aviation and Military (Special Forces).
Stuart Brown studied Illustration at Southampton Institute in Hampshire, England. After graduating he joined a busy commercial design studio producing illustrations for a wide variety of brochures, advertisements and exhibitions. Working full-time with other traditionally skilled artists and designers proved valuable experience. A series of larger clients, including agencies of the UK MoD, provided a continuous flow of involved and challenging projects over a period of some 15 years. With a continued passion for aviation, Stuart is a member of a British formation skydiving team. He has over 1000 jumps and regularly competes at national level.

Anthony Saunders

Anthony Saunders is without doubt one of the most talented Aviation and Marine artists in the industry, and possesses a superb grasp of the speed and power required when portraying scenes of aerial combat, which he transfers perfectly to his canvas

Chris Collingwood Military Art Gallery

Chris studied at Berkshire College of Art from 1966 - 1970. In his own words "I hope you share my passion for military history, the romance of historical drama and above all realistic fine art painting. These days I spend most of my working time painting military pieces, usually consisting of panoramic battle scenes, historical portraits and the ordinary soldier through the ages. The periods covered so far range from the ancient Greece of the Spartans, classical Rome, Viking and Saxon, Medieval warfare to the English and American Civil Wars. From the notorious pirates and buccaneers of the 18th century through the Napoleonic war, the conflicts of the British Empire to the World Wars of the 20th century".


In this Gallery you will find one of the most extensive collections of Concorde limited edition prints available, by top aviation artist Philip West, Stephen Brown, Simon Atack and Adrian Rigby

Dambusters Gallery

The Dambusters Gallery

This is such a popular subject that we have opened a special gallery devoted purely to 'The Dambusters'.
Nearly every aviation artist that we feature has at one time painted this most historic and heroic of events.

D-Day Gallery

A comprehensive collection of D-Day art from some of the world's leading aviation artists

Gerald Coulson

Aviation and Motorsports.
Gerald Coulson has been painting professionally for over 30 years. The Fine Art Guild has placed him among the top 10 best selling UK artists no less than 15 times in 12 years - 3 times at No. 1.
Coulson's first love was aircraft, studying and drawing them at every opportunity, from an early age. His apprenticeship as an aircraft engineer, then as an RAF Technician and later an engineer with British Airways, have allowed him an insight and intimate knowledge of the aircraft he paints. He combined this with his drawing ability to become a Technical Illustrator of service manuals for Civil and Military Aircraft. Gerald's ability to capture these aircraft on canvas led to a painting career, which he took up full time in 1969; his work has been highly sought after ever since. Whatever the subject or type of aircraft, his ability to capture the realism and mood of the scene is unsurpassed, making him one of the most widely collected and highly regarded artists in the world today.

Ley Kenyon

POW Wartime Artist
The senior British officer involved in 'The Great Escape' asked fellow prisoner and artist Ley Kenyon to make a visual record of 'Harry' - the tunnel that would ultimately be used for the escape. Kenyon completed six drawings, all of which were sealed in a watertight container fashioned from old milk tins, and stored in the abandoned tunnel 'Dick'.

Philip E West

Aviation and Maritime.
Philip West is recognised as one of the world's finest aviation artists. Collectors of his original oil paintings span the globe, many waiting patiently for his next breathtaking canvas to appear. With some twenty-eight limited editions behind him, a packed painting and personal appearance schedule both in the UK and America ahead, Philip's popularity is soaring.
Noted for his passion for detail, Philip has won many accolades for his paintings, not the least of which was the prestigious Duane Whitney Award for Excellence at the 1997 American Society of Aviation Artists Exhibition.

Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian is a landscape artist who paints in the time honoured tradition, and it shows in his aviation art.
Since he exploded onto the fine art scene at the end of the 1980’s Nicolas Trudgian has established himself as a best selling aviation artist. His work has tremendous impact and a compelling quality. Each painting has so much detail to admire.

Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor is a young talent not to be ignored. His abounding enthusiasm for painting aircraft, and the distinctive natural flair of this young professional artist is clearly demonstrated in this, his very first aviation painting to be issued as a limited edition. In joining The Military Gallery – the same international publishing house that has represented his illustrious father over 30 years – Richard Taylor is set to carve out an exciting career for himself: a career that the most discerning collectors of the genre will no doubt wish to hold a stake in from the very outset.

Robert Taylor

After leaving art-college Robert Taylor became a professional picture restorer, which brought him into contact with the work of the Great Masters, ancient and modern. His thirteen years as a restorer gave him valuable insight into the techniques of many of these great painters and radically influenced his own technique.

Robert Taylor has been selling his own paintings since his schooldays, but it was in the mid-seventies that he became a full-time professional. His fame spread and today is recognised by many as the world’s leading aviation artist.
Demand for his original canvases and his limited edition prints are unsurpassed.
Robert Taylor has a unique ability to re-create the atmosphere of aviation combat - it goes far beyond an ability to paint aeroplanes. Group Captain Peter Townsend CVO DSO DFC.
As a fighter pilot who flew the types of aircraft that Robert Taylor paints so brilliantly I can only marvel at his ability. He paints more than just aircraft, he paints with spectacular reality the whole vista of the sky that is the world of the Fighter Pilot.” Air Vice Marshal Johnnie Johnson CB CBE DSO** DFC** DL.
Robert Taylor has that rare, unique ability to blend the accuracy and detail required of an aviation painting, with all the grace and beauty we mortals have learned to expect from a work of art”. Wing Commander Geoffrey Page DSO, DFC.
He thinks about his compositions and constructs them with great ability. His paintings are just beautiful.” General Adolf Galland Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.

Robert Taylor Secondary Market

A selection of rare secondary market aviation prints and books by Robert Taylor

Simon Atack

Aviation and Maritime.
Simon Atack was born in 1957 into a successful musical family. However, from a young age Simon had set his sights on becoming a painter, drawing battleships and aircraft on any clean white surface he came across.
After formal training at Wakefield College of Art where he studied design and illustration, and finding it difficult to get a job, Simon joined the RAF. Here his talents were quickly recognised, leading to many commissions throughout the RAF
His service days over he began a career as a full-time professional artist. After two of his paintings were exhibited at the Paris Salon, his career took off and he was able to return to one of his favourite subjects -painting aircraft.

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown is a self-taught artist who has specialised almost exclusively in aviation subjects for the last 15 years. Building on a background as a landscape and aviation photographer, his style carefully combines both these areas of interest. Stephen’s originals in oil are in much demand and have been regularly exhibited with the prestigious Guild of Aviation Artists.

Demand for his originals is high with regular commissions being undertaken for commercial and private clients as well as the RAF.
Stephen says, My interest in aviation comes both from my father, who was a designer at Westland, and from growing up in post war Britain on a diet of films like 633 Squadron and The Dambusters.
I used to combine aircraft and landscape photos in the darkroom with quite convincing results - when I reached the limit of what I could do with this I turned to painting to get greater flexibility. Photography taught me much about composition, colour and contrast - drawing and brushwork skills, though, have taken a long time to develop.

Aviation Art Galleries by Artist and Genre

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