Morning Chorus by Gerald Coulson SM

Morning Chorus by Gerald Coulson SM

Having lead I./JG 3 through the Battles of France and Britain, by the summer of 1941 Lutzow was Kommodore of JG 3 contesting the great air battles on the Western Front. He then took his wing to Russia where, after two long hard fought years, and with his personal tally standing at 107 victories, he was promoted to take command of all day and night fighter operations in north western Germany.

Called to Georings meeting of high ranking fighter staff to air their grievances, the fearless Gunther Lutzow didn’t hesitate to lay these on the line. Adolf Galland had been dismissed as General of the Fighter arm for his outspoken criticism of the Luftwaffe High Command and Lutzow opened with a valient attempt to have him reinstated, at the same time forcefully raising the matter of Goering’s abuse and mistrust of his fighter pilots. Goering exploded , claimed mutiny and stormed out of the meeting threatening to have everyone attending either shot or court-marshalled. The gallant Gunther Lutzow was saved by his record and reputation, but relieved from his command and banished to Italy.

When hearing Galland was forming a new wing to fly the Me262 jet fighter, Gunther Lutzow was itching to get back into the combat arena. Lutzow pulled every string he knew to get himself transferred. After recording two victories flying the Me262, Gunther Lutzow went missing on 24 April while attempting to intercept one of the huge formations of USSAF bombers roaming over Germany on that day.

Gerald Coulson’s atmospheric new painting shows Gunther Lutzow, with his aircraft still carrying the markings of a short stint with JG51, and Me109s taking off from a snow covered airfield at Schatalowka in December 1941, and with prints signed by no less than four veteran Me109 pilots who fought on the cruel Eastern Front, this is sure to be a valuable addition to any aviation art collection.

Overall Print Size: 39” wide x 231/2” high


Joining artist Gerald Coulson, every print of MORNING CHORUS is authenticated with the signatures of FOUR highly respected Me109 fighter pilots who flew in combat on the Eastern Front.

Unteroffizier OTFRIED SAHL

Edition Size

350 Signed and Numbered FOUR signatures -


with FIVE signatures including matted companion print and the original pencil signature of Erich Hartmann.

Every print in this special edition is issued with a matching numbered full colour companion print ‘HARTMANN’. Each is double matted to full conservation standards to include the original pencil signature of the highest scoring fighter ace in history - Oberst Erich Hartmann.

‘HARTMANN’ Companion Print Matted Size: 16 3/4” wide x 15 1/2” high

Erich Hartmann’s Bf109K-4 with 9./JG52 at Deutsch Brod, Czechoslovakia in the final days of the war, May 1944.

Edition size

100 Tribute Proofs -
25 Tribute Artist Proofs